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Here are some examples of my oil paintings, and colored pencil portraits. Most of these portraits are of celebrities, but not all of them are. I have created these portraits through the years. A few were created when I was a teenager, others were created more recently.

The lower table shows older stuff (from 10+ years) but at the top of the page are some more recent works.


Oil on 6x8" panel

sad tears

Oil on 6x6" panel

Lady in Green

"Lady in Green," 6x8" oil on panel. Thanks to WhimseyStock on DeviantArt for the stock photo I used as reference.

Classic Portrait

"Timeless Profile," 12x12" oil on panel.

Some older works. . .

Timothy Dalton Colored Pencil
"Dalton," colored pencil. James Bond fan art.
Maren - oil painting
"Maren," oil painting. (Bad fan art! I did this when I was about 17.)
Bill & Sword
"Bill & sword," colored pencil
Mel Gibson - Hamlet, colored pencil
"Mel," colored pencil (Mel Gibson fan art)
Sam and Pig
"Sam and Pig," colored pencil ("Quantum Leap" fan art.)
Brian - in oils
"Brian," oil painting
Mac Gyver - colored pencil
"MacGyver," colored pencil (Richard Dean Anderson fan art)
Oliva - in oils
"Olivia," oil painting (Bad fan art. Did this when I was 14.)

I no longer own most of these portraits. But I have made a good habit of always photographing every drawing or painting before I let it leave my hands. So many of these portraits bring back good memories!

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