My portrait art portfolio
Artwork and Illustrations, using misc. mediums.

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I defintely used an unorthodox medium for this portrait! It is painted on a plate, using the sgrafitto technique (scratching into the "paint" or underglaze). I have developed a passion for ceramics and even have a potter's wheel and kiln. This is a red earthenware plate decorated with underglazes (colored oxides that are covered with a transparent glaze and fired in the kiln). Click on the thumbnail to see the face in more detail, or click here to see the whole plate.

Fashion Girl - pencil

From a fashion illustration class I attended at Otis. I don't know what this girl is wearing. But I had fun rendering it!

Gouache comp

A "comp" - a quick, loose rough sketch (painted in gouache) for an illustration class. I think it was for a movie poster or something. The pose was painted from my imagination.

Very '80s airbrush

I love airbrushing (with my trusty Paasche), but fell away from it for a variety of reasons. (I'd like to get back to it, though.) This illustration was primarily created with an airbrush, but small details were added using colored pencils.

I found this silly picture (of two of my "made up" faces) in an old sketchbook. It's the only example of my airbrush work that I can find right now. It looks so '80s, so I added the "Very '80s Airbrush" title in Photoshop.

Lost Boy - alkyd

A very small (5" or so) alkyd painting on canvas. I was in a "Lost Boys" mood, so I painted this psuedo-vampire guy from my imagination.

The background shows two different sides - the dark and spooky side to the left, and the bucolic and spring-like side to the right. I guess this vampire guy is trying to decide which "side" he's on!

Colored Pencil - pointalist

"Pointillist" colored pencil. An assignment for color theory class. This whole picture is comprised of blue, red and yellow colored pencil marks. When you look at the picture from a distance, your eye "blends" in the color, and you see flesh tones, etc.

This drawing got really messed up (torn and stained) but thanks to Photoshop, I was able to restore it to its original state.

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