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Colored pencil babe

This is an "unfinished" colored pencil portrait. There were a few problems with the rendering that could not be resolved to my satisfaction, so I just quit working on it. Now, some time later, I find I can fix up the little problems in Photoshop. So, that's what I did! (It's still unfinished, though.)

An example of one of my "photorealistic" graphite pencil portraits. I sometimes enjoy getting all the itty-bitty details in a portrait. I used a lot of dark graphite pencil strokes to get all that black leather!

This portrait is from the canceled soap opera "The Edge of Night," that was replayed on the USA Network some years ago. I got a kick out of it.

Pencil portrait

A simple pencil portrait, done for fun. "Star Trek" fan art. The original had been stashed away in the garage, and had some problems with warping and staining. But with my trusty Photoshop, I fixed it all up!

I enjoyed using looser pencil strokes in the hair and background of this particular portrait. As much as I like my "photo-realistic" pencil style, it's nice to loosen up a bit sometimes too.

Good old Captain Picard! Some more "Star Trek" fan art.

It shouldn't be any secret to you at this point—I'm a big science fiction fan. I like the crosshatching in this portrait very much, though I think that the likeness isn't quite there. But I can tell who he is well enough . . .

Pencil Illustration

A pencil illustration for a short story. The girl is having her wrist grabbed, and she's not too pleased about it. Another pose that was drawn from my imagination.

Colored pencil on Canson Colored paper

Colored pencil portrait on Canson colored paper. The subject of this portrait was so unusual, I chose a different color scheme for it. "Edward Scissorhands" fan art.

I've enjoyed using a lot of artistic mediums and techniques through the years! I especially enjoy colored pencil, because I can work on it almost anywhere. But a favorite medium is alkyds and oil paints. Nothing is quite so sublime as the rich creaminess of these paints, and nothing is quite so glorious as the feel of painting on canvas!

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