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Jon-Erik pen and ink drawing

I found this drawing tossed in an old box of stuff in the garage. (Actually, that's where I find a lot of my artwork!) I thought it might be worth sharing, so I scanned it in, and here it is! The original is about 9x12." This is some "fan art" of the late actor, Jon-Erik Hexum.

Steele Files - ink

I always liked this drawing. I made this for the cover of a "fanzine" (privately published "fan" publication) that ended up never getting published. I no longer have the original, but I did find a beaten-up old Xerox of the illustration. With a bit of Photoshop assistance, I fixed it up enough to show here. (Look at the larger version of this illustration if you are a fan of the old '80s Pierce Brosnan show "Remington Steele." There are a lot of little details I put in the picture that a die-hard fan will appreciate!)

I included a Rapidograph in the composition, as my own personal "in-joke." I was able to meet the cast of "Remington Steele" (one of my friends worked on the show) and I had the two lead actors sign an illustration I'd made. Pierce Brosnan commented on the Rapidograph I was using, since he used to be a commercial artist himself. (With his accent, however, he pronounced it as "Rapeedograph.")

Below: some small "spot illos" (4x5") for "fanzines." When I was going to art school, I had a lot of fun illustrating fan fiction. Since I was studying Illustration in school, (and since I'm such a film buff) I enjoyed the extra practice!

Seated figure - ink

I never intended this to be that good of a likeness of anyone, really. I just enjoyed drawing the figure, face and clothing from my imagination. It's another one of the drawings that I really like, for some reason.

Mad Mel - Ink

Not a great likeness (I won't tell you who it is supposed to be!). I wanted to show this illustration, because of the amount of ink I used for it. I used a medium-sized paintbrush and just painted in the large dark areas. I then inked in the details with my trusty Rapidographs.

Some more examples of pen & ink portraits. On some of these illustrations, I didn't even try to do a preliminary pencil sketch of the face - I just started drawing with the non-erasable india ink! Pretty daring of me - but I usually ended up using some sort of opaque white paint to cover up a few errors. I don't recommend relying on opaque "cover up" for your ink work, but if your drawing is for publication, it doesn't matter if you do a few touch-ups here and there. The camera can't pick up the opaque white paint.

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