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Deckard pen & ink

"Deckard," from an old sketchbook. I don't know what inspired me to draw this, but I was goofing around one day, and it materialized! This is a very small illustration - maybe 2 1/2" x 4." For some reason, I rather like it.

Remington Steele - stipple ink

I never have done a lot of "stipple" artwork (the technique where you make teeny tiny dots with your pen, instead of crosshatching). This illustration is one of the few examples I could find of stippling, and it has somewhat marginal likenesses. And, all I had was a faded Xerox copy of it! But with a bit of Photoshop tinkering, I fixed it up enough for this web page. Don't look too close, I didn't do a perfect job of getting the "faded" parts out!

QED in ink

I have a fondness for this little illustration. This portrait is from the very old and very forgotten Sam Waterson series "QED."

Unfinished stipple ink portrait

I found another (bad Xerox) of an unfinished stippled ink drawing. I can tell who it is, though, so I guess that's a good thing.

Editorial Ink drawing

This is an illustration for an "Illustration Techniques" class I took at Otis Art College years ago.

I think it was an illustration for an L.A. Times editorial, but I can't remember the subject of the editorial now. Our teacher was an illustrator for the L.A. Times. He sometimes had us students do our interpretation of various topics that were covered in the Times.

Ink Illustration

Way back when, I used to do a lot of "fan art" for fun. Believe it or not, many established fiction authors started out as "fan authors"! Sometimes I illustrated their stories for fan publications ("fanzines"). This illustration was for a "Star Wars" story. The likeness is not supposed to be picture-perfect, it's supposed to "suggest" Luke Skywalker. (I basically made up the face and pose.)

I don't do that much pen-and-ink now, but I hope to take it back up again soon. I used to be quite the Rapidograph Queen in my day. The secret to using a Rapidograph (technical pen) is to clean and maintain it regularly. I used to be quite good at Radiograph maintenance. But, I started letting my Rapidograph nibs dry out, which ruins them. So, I figured I'd better give pen & ink a rest until I could promise myself to take better care of the pens. (Those nibs cost a lot of money!)

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