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Figure Drawing


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Figure DrawingFigure Drawing
(Click on images to see larger versions.)

Above is an example of a drawing that was drawn without looking at a model. My "invented" Life Drawings are never as good as I'd like, but this one didn't suck bilge water too badly.

I follow Burne Hogarth's way of drawing the figure, combined with other techniques and methods I've picked up along the way. As you can see by the red lines in the figure on the right, the basic round shapes of the hips, head, etc. are "blocked out" first. The angle of the limbs are indicated, and the tilt of the shoulders and hips.

If you look at the larger versions of these drawings, you'll see that they are "sloppy," showing lots of "construction lines" underneath. It almost looks like parts of the figure are transparent. The outline of the back can be seen through the arm. Sketchy lines showing the "gesture" of the figure are still evident. Usually I'd erase these lines, but I left them in to show a little bit of how such a drawing is created.


Using Hogarth's method, it is possible (with practice) to create figures without a model. My drawings are not the best example, but I don't believe they are the worst example either. I never was able to "make up" drawings in this way before I discovered the method of "constructing" the figure. One must break up the figure down to simpler forms, seeing how each part of the body intersects and links up with the rest of the body. The body parts link together, kind of like Tinker Toys.

Sitting maleSeated male - red gesture lines

Here's another figure drawn without a model. This one is even "sloppier." It has even more of the "transparent' look, since I have not erased many of the overlapping lines of the arms, legs, etc. Click on the images to see a larger version.

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