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Anatomy, Digital Art, & Misc.

Pencil life drawing sketch
L-R: a portrait made with Adobe Illustrator, and a pencil Life Drawing sketch.


"Anatomy, Digital Art & Misc.?" What kind of grab-bag title is that? Well, every site needs a "Misc." section. And, the subjects of digital art and anatomy, while being very interesting and important, didn't really belong with any of the other sections of this site.

Too many portrait artists are unfamiliar with basic anatomy. Which is a shame - it's not as hard as some think it is. While nothing can quite replace a good Life Drawing class, this site will be providing some nuts-and-bolts information about drawing figures. There will also be many book recommendations, since many an artist (including me) has benefited much from a well-authored figure drawing or anatomy book.

Digital art is a growing and exciting art medium. Many of this site's illustrations were edited or created using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom digital drawing tablet.

There are many artists who want to create artwork on their computer. Some artists are starting to make the transition to digital, after having a foundation in more traditional artistic mediums. Other artists have been using the computer as their primary artistic tool all along.

Either way, digital art is here to stay. And since I am as passionate about it as anyone, I will be creating some tutorials about digital portrait art!

Other Misc. Topics:

Why drawing from life (and drawing "realism") is important for the artist. (This is located in my blog, which I started in 2012.) Some new artists ask, why should they learn anatomy and "realism" (and why should they study from life, aka take a figure drawing/life drawing class) if what they want to do in the long run is comic-style (or manga style) artwork? Also, why draw from life instead of just sticking with copying photos? I touch upon both these things.


Please note: The figure drawing and anatomy pages show drawings of nudes. They are for artistic, educational purposes only. They are all pretty tasteful nudes (no private parts are shown in detail). But, if you are offended by nudes in general (even pretty mild ones, like on these pages) please do not look at these pages. You have been warned!

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