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New! The Portrait-artist.org book!

So many of this site's visitors encouraged me to take the content on portrait-artist.org and make it into a book. So, that's just what I've done. I have finished the first edition of Drawing Portraits: Fundamentals, a 200+ page book which covers many of the topics discussed on this site.

For this book, I decided to stick with the subject of portrait drawing in pencil. Some tutorials on this site didn't seem to fit the theme of pencil drawing, however—I couldn't add any tutorial involving color, since the book is printed in black and white. I excluded most of the information about figures because that really is the subject for another book. Some of the digital art material was just too timely and would be outdated before the ink was dry, so a lot of that was removed. A few tutorials here and there were pared out, but I believe that the additional content will more than compensate for that. (Check out the Table of Contents page to get a peek at what's specifically is in the book.)

For the most part, there's more portrait information in the book than there is on the site. Some tutorials are copied almost verbatim from the site, but the many chapters have additional artwork and more information. Other tutorials have been re-written, condensed or expanded. You will recognize some art that was used in the site, of course, but I made a lot of new artwork specifically for the book. A LOT of new artwork.

Your feedback and requests prompted me to write some entirely new chapters. New subjects and topics include: how to draw teeth, how to draw a three-quarters view portrait, tips on getting a good likeness, "landmarks" of the head, tips on the differences between the male and female face, tips on how to "make up" your own faces (including an exercise which will help you learn how to shade portraits from your imagination). New "inspirational" and "informational" essays have been written specifically for the book, including an essay on artists' rights and copyright.

Right now this book is "self-published," because I wanted the book to be released as soon as possible. I intend to further promote the book and hope to have it available for sale up on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com sometime in the year 2004. The price for the book when available for sale on Amazon.com will probably be higher, however, so now is the time to get the book at a lower price!

This book is paperback, 7.5 x 9.25 inches, 200+ pages. $17.99 US. Published by Green Verdugo Press, printed by CafePress, © 2003-2004.

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