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(Other studies of the face)

One of the most fun things (and something I encourage all artists to do) is to keep a sketchbook. But not just an ordinary sketchbook, with carefully drawn pictures, all organized and attractive. Oh no, I'm not suggesting that at all...

I am talking about a messy, funky, strange sketchbook. One where you can write notes about the drawings, scribble things out, do some humorous or weird things, and just basically "be yourself." You can overlap sketches, leave things half undone, and do drawings at any angle. All for fun! This can be an important part of being an artist. Drawing ought to be fun! Don't worry if no one else ever sees it. It's for YOU, and to please YOU.

I unearthed some pages in an old sketchbook. I found that I kind of liked the drawings—they amused me. (You can tell by some of the hairstyles, this sketchbook is over 10 years old!) I thought this sketchbook was a supreme example of the "do weird things" philosophy of sketchbooks. A lot of these sketches are "extreme"— faces that are not exactly realistic, but more "caricature." Such drawings are very fun to do!

Click on any of the thumbnail images to see the entire sketchbook page. I warned you, they are weird and funky!

Anatomy sketch
Anatomy of a Leg
Vulcan Woman & Trendy Santa
Vulcan Woman & Trendy Santa
Amadeus Takes Requests
Amadeus Takes Requests
Whatya lookin' at?
Whatya lookin' at?
Jeckyl Hyde
Jeckyl & Hyde, Old to Young
Rudy and Gil
Rudy & Gil (from a Barbara Hambly Book)
"Wolfman"- looking guy
More Faces
More faces

I had a lot of fun making these sketches. At the time I drew them, I was too embarrassed to show them to many people. Now I can look at them a bit more objectively, and I have become quite fond of them. You'll find that you'll start to like some of your old drawings (that perhaps you didn't like at the time) as time passes.

Not only can you "doodle" (like I have in these sketchook drawings) but you can also do quick sketches of people you see on the street, wherever you go. Bring a small sketchbook with you, and get more drawing practice in while you are waiting in line, on the bus, etc.

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