Lesson on drawing the profile. Sketching the face from side view. Portrait tutorial.

Drawing Profiles

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Profile - curve of face

Here's an illustration showing how the profile "curves" a little. A gentle curve, as if the face were oval shaped.

Girl - profile- back of head

The illustration above shows how you have to add even more space in the back of the head for the hair. Notice the blue line in the drawing above, indicating the outline of the skull of the woman. And notice how I've had to add her blonde hair on top of that. This adds even more bulk to the back of the head. So remember - you have to allow for the hair too when you are drawing the back of the head!

It is a good idea to draw a faint line showing the skull of the person you are drawing. And then add the hair on top of that. This will help you to make sure that you don't shortchange the space needed in the back of the head.

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