Portrait art tutorial - how to draw the nose, step-by-step drawing lesson.

Drawing the Nose

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Nose illustration

The nose is a feature that is often overlooked by portrait artists. But it shouldn't be! If you don't get the nose quite right, the whole portrait suffers.

beginnging sketch of nose

Above are three nose illustrations. The drawing on the left shows the simple outline of the nose. Two lines for the length of the nose, the round "ball" at the tip of the nose, and the nostrils. The nose is made of these simple shapes.

The middle illustration shows the basic outline of the nose, with some shadow and rendering starting to show.

The illustration on the right shows a completely rendered nose. Notice how the strong "outline" on the light side of the nose is almost gone. Notice how the outlines for the nose are now indicated more with shadow, rather than harsh lines.

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