Drawing tutorial - how to draw the lips and mouth, drawing lesson.

Drawing Lips

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Lips, detail

Now, the bottom lip: The highlighted area in orange shows an area of the lower lip that sometimes is a little darker, or gets a little more shadow. This is where the lower lip especially curves in. The closer to the edges of the mouth, the darker (or, in shadow) the bottom lip gets. But, remember - the bottom lip is usually lighter than the top lip because it is facing upwards, and gets more light cast upon it.

Around the mouth

The highlighted area in green shows shows a shadowed area around the mouth that should not be forgotten. This shading indicates the structure of the face around the mouth. The mouth isn't just plopped on the face, it is a three-dimensional thing, with surrounding muscles and structure. Usually, there will be some shading (subtle, but there) at under the lower lip, and around the corners of the mouth.

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