Portrait art tutorial - how to draw eyes, step-by-step drawing lesson.

Drawing Eyes

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Yes, these illustrations are more than a bit unusual. But they are so easy to make with Photoshop!

The blue circle above shows how the iris is round. A common newbie mistake is to not make the iris really round enough. But it is round. Just because some of the iris is obscured by the eyelids doesn't mean that it shouldn't still keep that basic round shape.

Also, notice how much of the iris is hidden by the eyelid. About one-third (sometimes more) of the upper iris is hidden under the upper lid. Sometimes a bit of the lower edge of the iris is hidden too. If you try to show almost all of the iris when you draw the eye, the person will look like they are opening their eyes really wide. Or they'll look like they've been drinking too much Pepsi and are very hyper.

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Well, these illustrations just get creepier and creepier!

Using Photoshop, I took the blue circle and had Photoshop "contract" the size of the blue circle until it was the size of the pupil. Then I made it a lime green. As you can see, the smaller circle lines up right over the pupil. I had it centered just right! It is completely concentric - completely centered inside the iris. That's the way it is supposed to be.

A common newbie mistake is to just draw the pupil in there, but not worry if it is centered. But it HAS to be centered completely - not lopsided, or off to one side a little. Also, notice that the pupil is also very round. You must make it round, and you must make it centered inside the iris.

I am sorry, I just had to emphasize that. This whole pupil/iris thing is a common mistake I have seen too many times!

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