Portrait art tutorial - how to draw eyes, step-by-step drawing lesson.

Drawing Eyes

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It is important to discuss the thickness of the eyelid some more, because this is a detail many newbie artists overlook. There is a definite thickness there. You can't ignore it, the eye won't look realistic if you do. You'll see in this illustration that a little bit of the upper eyelid thickness is showing in the corner of the eye as well.

However, be sure not to overdo the rendering of the thickness of the eyelid. It isn't necessary to make a harsh line across the whole border of the lower eyelid. Break up the lines, keep them soft, and often just "suggest" the thickness of the eyelid. If you draw the thickness of the eyelid with dark or thick lines, the person will look like they have been crying, or have really red, dry eyes. It just won't look very good.

Also notice the green mark in the illustration above. That is where the tear duct thingie is. People will notice if you don't draw that too. You just need to suggest it - you don't need to draw it in great detail.

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Angles of top eyelid

Here are some of the more subtle angles to the top lid. Sure, the eye is a basic almond shape, but if you look at the eye closely, you'll see that there is a certain amount of an "angular" quality to it, especially in the top lid.

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