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A mention or advertisement of a business or individual on this site does NOT indicate an endorsement by portrait-artist.org. Web site visitors who choose to purchase something or do business with any company, business or individual do so at their own risk. Do not get wet. Falling rocks. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment.

Affilate programs and me

You'll notice that I often link to products (like books or art supplies) on some of these pages. Some (but not all) of these links are from a company in which I am an "affiliate." By that I mean, when I link to a product from one of these online vendors and a someone buys something when they visit the site, I get a small commission. (Small. Trust me, small.) I decided to be an affilate for these online vendors because I shop at these places all the time. I often link to and recommend products that I use personally. Other times I'll link to something that I've heard is good and would be willing to try myself. I read the customer reviews and decide that it sounds good. (Usually it is. But you can't please everybody!)

If I review a product or book, I do NOT get compensated beforehand for doing so. No review or recommendation on this site is the result of someone asking me to review something for them and offering to compensate me for it. (If that ever does happen, I'll be sure to tell you.) I am just passionate about art and like to read art-related books (and then talk about them) and I love art supplies (a junkie, that's me) so I keep on trying new things. And then I write about them! And link to them. It would be silly not to become an affilate, considering my enthusiasm for these books and other products. But, like the disclaimer says above, do not assume that because I like something, that you will like it too.

I recommend, to the best of my ability, the things that I think are good. But something may not work for you as well as it did for me. When (if) you decide to buy something, you do so at your own risk. Furthermore, just because I've had good customer service from a particular online vendor, it doesn't mean you will too. You just never know. I cannot be held responsible for problems you have with a product you buy, or with an vendor you do business with. All I know is that I've done okay with them. That doesn't guarantee you will as well.

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