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E-mail: Please contact me through my blog's Contact Form (scroll down and you'll see the feedback form). Also I can be reached via Facebook. Facebook

If you have a simple question about the use of this site, check out my Feedback FAQs page—your answer might be there.

I welcome all feedback about this site. If you have any specific suggestions about what I might add to this site, or what might improve it, please let me know! However, please remember that I have several ongoing projects that keep me busy. I always enjoy reading your feedback and will try to answer any queries my visitors may have, but rarely do I have the time or resources to offer lengthy personal art critiques. Also, please do not feel offended if you don't hear back from me! Alas, this sometimes happens, and I do feel very guilty about it. I have so many irons in the fire sometimes, I simply cannot reply to everyone. Or, sometimes I will write back a long time later. This is not unusual for me.

REGARDING PERMISSION TO USE CONTENT FROM THIS SITE FOR SCHOOLS OR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES: I always give permission for students and teachers to use excerpts from this site in the classroom or for personal study. A few printed pages from the site, a reference to a specific tutorial—it's fine with me, and besides, it very likely qualifies as "fair use" anyway. (However, beware—"Fair Use" can be abused. This article specifically addresses the proper definition of "Fair Use" for teachers.) If you are working from my book, however, please don't use more than a few photocopied pages in the classroom. (In other words, don't photocopy half of the book and give it out as handouts to all your students. According to the link I just gave above, anything more than several pages is really too much.) What I do wish for you to do if you use something from this site is to give proper credit, and if possible, a link back to this site.

I always appreciate that people ask permission—these days not everyone does and I really respect those of you who do. Thanks.

It's Official! Thanks to the tremendous positive feedback I've got from all of you, I have finished writing a portrait tutorial book, Drawing Portraits: Fundamentals. If you contact me, I may quote your comments at some point to promote this book. I will not give out any personal information about you (e-mail address, name, location, etc.) but some of your feedback has been so valuable to me, I know I will want to share it with others. I am very grateful for all the positive things so many of you have written to me!

PLEASE DO NOT SEND LARGE FILE ATTACHMENTS. I don't mind getting attachments, but when they take forever to download, it makes me cranky. Also please note that I may not be able to respond to you and critique your artwork, even when you send me a picture attachment. See my disclaimers above about being a hermit. I am not kidding about that!

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