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(Portrait drawings by J.R. Dunster)

Some examples from my sketchbook.

I fill my sketchbooks with various little doodles.  I even get a little bit of a characature quality in many of these doodles.  I do not take them too seriously, and I think that many of them are pretty awful, actually.  But that is not the point.  I fill my sketchbook with whatever strikes my fancy, whether it seem trivial to others (or redundant) is not the point.  In fact, it is my opinion that every artist must go through the process of creating a certain amount (a "quota," so to speak!) of bad drawings, in order to get to making the good art.  Do not be discouraged if you feel that the majority of your doodles and art are what you consider crappy.  The percentage of crappy to good art that you produce will soon switch around as long as you keep on plugging away at it.  (Your "good" drawings will far outweigh your "bad" drawings!)

 My sketchbook is sort of a private matter - I create it to please myself, though, of course, I am happy to show it to anyone who is interested.  I have filled many sketchbooks over the years, needless to say!  

I often use pencil, Rapidograph (technical pen) and ball-point pen to make these sketches.  The drawings overlap each other, and get a little smudged.  This is perfectly fine.  A sketchbook should be informal, and even a little messy. There is no need to get anal-retentive with your personal sketchbook, (unless you are naturally that way!) 

Some more excerpts from my sketchbooks (and other examples of my art):

An oil painting I did "just for fun" -
from the old science fiction series "V."

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