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Portrait Art Tutorial
Some Tips, Tricks, and Encouragement for the Newbie Portrait Artist...

Colored Pencil Portrait

Welcome!  I am J.R. Dunster, and I have been drawing portraits for a long time.  I have sold many of my portraits to collectors over the years, and I guess I can consider myself a competent portrait artist.  (To the left of this text is a small example of one of my colored pencil portraits.)

I wanted to create this page to help "newbie" portrait artists.  I remember all too painfully my teen years, when I first started to get really serious about portraits.  I was so lost, had no encouragement, and didn't know where to start.  I needed inspiration, some guidance, and some basic advice on materials to use, things to strive for and to avoid, and basic portrait tips.  I hope to supply a little bit of what I feel would be helpful in this page.  

This page is a "mirror site" of an old Geocities page I wrote on drawing portraits back in 1998 or 1999. I hadn't updated the Geocities site in so long, so I've decided to transfer it over here to its new home on Portrait-Artist.org. That little Geocities site was the "pre-Portrait-Artist.org." I got so many good ideas and great feedback from it, that I decided to create a whole website about drawing portraits. Which is now Portrait-Artist.org!

Another example of my work:

Young Indy Colored Pencil Portait

Colored Pencil Portrait

by J.R. Dunster

I used Prismacolor Colored Pencils on colored paper to create this portrait.  I drew a preliminary sketch on tracing paper. (No, I did not trace the drawing from a photograph!   I just drew a light sketch on the tracing paper.)   I then transferred it onto the dark colored paper.  (I sometimes draw directly onto the colored paper, but when I am fussing with a likeness, I find it better to work it all out on some tracing paper first.) 

The way I do this technique is that I do the tracing paper drawing.   I then rub the back of this tracing paper sketch thoroughly with flesh-colored Prismacolor colored pencil.   This makes it a sort of "carbon paper."  I then trace firmly with a hard pencil while the tracing paper is placed over the colored paper.   This makes a vague outline impression of the portrait onto the colored paper (in this instance, brown Canson paper.)  I then work to render and perfect the portrait on the colored paper from there.


Some more examples:

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