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The "Attitudes & Inspiration" section to this site will be a nuts-and-bolts exploration of several issues. For instance, the challenges of learning how to draw, introducing oneself to the concept of being "artistic," and fighting the common insecurities that seem to accompany the artistic mind. This section of won't contain any sophisticated essays on the history of art and philosophy, or anything so lofty. There will be just basic, common sense stuff that many artists (and especially newbie artists) encounter every day.

There will be words of encouragement. You'll be told that your love and dedication for art will get you through, even during the rough spots. You will be told that talent is only a fraction of the equation - without love and dedication, you'll not do much with your art, no matter how much talent you have.

Deep concepts will be pondered. For instance, "Am I too old to start learning how to draw?" (I'll give you the short version of the answer: "NO!!!")

Advice will be given about not taking yourself too seriously, not get too worried if you think your peers or fellow students are doing better than you. (It's an illusion, I tell you! We are all created differently. We all have strengths and talents in different areas. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!)

You'll be told to not worry about not having enough "talent." Because talent only can take you so far, you know. Many a "talented" artist isn't doing anything with their art, while many an artist who was once considered "hopeless" is going great guns and doing wonderfully. Hard work and dedication is the key - some artists have it, some don't. And it's not hard to predict which one will have more success.

As time passes, I've started adding posts and articles to my blog instead of this section of the site. I'll be adding links to any articles which fit into the category of "Attitudes and Inspiration" on this page. Some blog posts will be added to the bottom of a specific "Attitudes and Inspiration" page if they're about the same subject.

Here's a list of some of these blog posts:

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