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I love the wonderful feedback I get from this site's visitors, and I really appreciate your kindness in writing me and giving me some valuable feedback.

Since (as I mention in my Contact page) I am a terrible hermit who is often very neglectful in writing back promptly to the wonderful people who take the time to write me, I thought I'd answer some frequently asked questions, so perhaps you'd get some answers quickly.


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Q. I'm a teacher (or student) and I want to print out a few pages from your tutorial to use as a presentation at school. Is this okay with you?

A. Sure! That sort of use probably falls under the definition of "Fair Use" anyway. (However, beware—"Fair Use" can be abused. This article specifically addresses the proper definition of "Fair Use" for teachers.) If you are working from my book, however, please don't use more than a few photocopied pages in the classroom. (In other words, don't photocopy half of the book and give it out as handouts to all your students. According to the link I just gave above, anything more than several pages is really too much.)

I'd also appreciate it if you would give this site credit for any materials you use. If you wish to use any examples of my artwork on your school/educational websites, please only use a few drawings, and I'll repeat again: please give this site credit for any artwork used and if possible, link back to this site. When you use someone else's copyrighted work but do not attribute the author, it is not usually considered "fair use." I realize that most teachers have no problem attributing the author (are eager to do so) but a few have gotten a little careless about it.

Q: Would you do a portrait of my grandmother/niece/dog/me/my girlfriend?

A. I'm not completely unavailable for taking commissions, but right now I'm swamped with deadlines, obligations, pressure, pressure, pressure! LOL. Check my personal blog and see what I'm up to there. I may (or may not) be available for commissions. There will also be more info there on paintings I have for sale.

Q. I really like the drawing you did on [whatever specific] page on this site. Could you send me a higher-resolution copy?

A. Short answer: No. Okay, I apologize, that sounds rather blunt. What I mean to say is, I have a lot of drawings and I don't have high-res scans of all of them at my fingertips. Also, like many artists, I usually charge for the use of my work, particularly a higher-resolution version of it.

Q. Would you donate some of your artwork for use in my personal project?

A. Probably not. I have personal friends who are waiting for artwork I promised them a long time ago. I simply don't have time to do work for free at the moment. Of the work that I have already completed, I sometimes sell limited publishing rights for a modest fee.

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